Welcome Garden Visitor

I just love this time of the year when the bees start to make their visits to my garden. The big attraction over the last week or so has been my Crab Apples and Rhododendron. Caught this one between visits this afternoon.

Display Benches

I spent a few minutes in the garden today shifting trees about from one place to another. I decided to lift a few out of the Poly Tunnel and move a few more down to my display area beside my living room window.  This is what I can see now as I type.

Tall Larch

Not the most imaginative name to give it but it’s what I’ve called it for years. I spotted it on the bench this afternoon with the sun just hitting the foliage. Camera in hand I popped out  for a few snaps.

Cut Backs Update

Just over a month ago I chopped back two big escallonia cut backs

A month on and the back budding is in full flow.

Bonsai Blogs for Google Reader

I’ve just figured out how to create a bundle within Google Reader to allow me to share all the bonsai Blog I follow. If you use Google Reader, click on the link below to see my list. 108 blogs in various countries and languages 🙂

Bonsai Blogs