Corky Haircut

This litle Cork Bark Elm has responded really well to a repot. This it a week or so ago.

It had fully opened since then but I wasn’t happy with the length of some of the internal branches. I want to build up a fine ramification and some of these are too long and straggly. I decided I needed to take it back in quite hard to eliminate the strait bits and force some back budding. This is it today.

Just back for our club night.

I was at our monthly meeting of the NIBS tonight. Yet another busy night. Great to see people either working on trees  or just enjoying a friendly chat and sharing ideas. Mario travelled up from Dublin and was half an hour late. He got a bit of stick for that but he had a good excuse with a bomb scare on the main Dublin road at Newry.  I had really hoped that all that crap was behind us!!

It was nice to see a few of the trees previous worked on coming back and looking really well. One of the newer members turned up with a little larch grown from seed I think. She’s had it 15 years and it was pretty old when she got it. There must be 4 decent options in it for a nice tree.

This is the Larch.

Phil giving it a look over.

A few other shots from the night.

Ben looking over his new acquisition, a nice little larch from Willowbog. I was impressed by his willingness to get stuck in.


My son Matthew gulping down the BPM, that's all he needs, more energy! He's really starting to enjoy bonsai. Fingers crossed he'll stick at it.