Hawthorn Airlayer Update

Last year I layered the top of this Hawthorn Case Study HERE

This is the parent plant today. A few flowers at the top. The apex is going to be removed to a lower branch.

This is the layer!! Growing strongly and surprised me with the abundance of flower. These will be removed shortly so as not to stress the tree .

I honestly think the flowers on Hawthorn are under rated. How nice are these?

What a difference a day makes

Yesterday my Beech had about 4 green leaves showing. This was it today!!

Guess today’s heat worked its magic.

Wildwoodbonsai Blog

Always on the look out for decent Bonsai Bloggers from around the world, I can happily plug this UK based one from Will Baddeley. Will is a previous winner of the UK New Talent Competition and is a regular on the IBC Forum. Some beautiful bonsai progression photos showing trees created from native material.

It is now on my bloggers list. Click on the Banner Below to visit. Enjoy.