Gyoten Satsuki

New addition to the benches, a rather funky Satsuki Azalea variety Gyoten. Large pink frilly flowers of different shades of pink and some stripes here and there.

The tree came in from Japan this year from Akiyama San with the help of Peter Warren.

Needs a pot which will be tricky to source I think.


First Rhodie Flowers

First flowers opening on this Rhododendron ‘Blue Diamond’.




Fuji Flowering

I missed the peak by a few days, but not too bad ever when it’s past its best.


Accent of the day – Lewisia

I have a lot of accent hitting their best at the moment, so I’m going to pop one or two up each day until I run out of plants or interest, whichever comes first 🙂




Garden Shots

Malus in Flower

My Crab Apple has been in flower this week and the scent has been amazing too. I’ve been trying to capture a bee in a snap shot visiting the blooms but they either fly off or it’s been raining. Running out of time as the flowers will soon be over.

Flower Show Extras

I took a few more shots at the Autumn Flower Show on Sunday, as the last set seems to be of interest to many of you, here are some more.

A general shot of the main marquee


Not much point trying to photograph all the trees as the clutter backdrop ruins the tree.

Plenty of cacti at the show, sadly some kid ran her nail down a prize winning one ruining it forever as far as competitive showing goes. Sometimes I wonder why we bother going to all this hassle to display here.

Almost tree like

Sunlight was catching these blooms just right through the window.

Mega veg

Floral arrangements

Even wine, everything was at this show.

This will be my entry for the Belfast Parks Photographic Competition next year 🙂

And in the grounds, the Rose Garden

An old Yew. I was admiring the nebari and took a photo, I think the Mum in the background thought I was taking photos of her kids climbing the tree!! I thought she was going to call the police.

They were just around the corner 🙂

Scot’s Pine

Autumn Flower Show

I was putting a few trees into the Autumn Flower Show for the Club on Friday and I took a few photos while I was there.

The show is set in the grounds of Botanic Gardens in the Centre of Belfast. The grounds contain some interesting features. I haven’t a clue what the cows are about!

This old yes is long over due collecting 🙂

A park character

Watching this old hand prepare his dahlias for show was nice to see. This is a dying art as shows such as this start to disappear. What a pity.

Some of the Dahlias on display.

Cacti also on display.

Probably one of the worst ways to display bonsai in competitive classes, no back drop, low tables etc but it still allows the public a chance to see bonsai and perhaps lift one of the club cards available on the tables.

Perhaps I’ll get a few more photos today when I collect the trees.

Confused Rhododendron

This Rhododendron is a variety called Blue Diamond and normally flowers in March/April. As you can see, it’s decided to flower now. I’m not exactly sure why. It may be due to the fact that I removed nearly all of the flowers this Spring to help the tree gain a little extra vigour. The flowers are a little sporadic but will add a nice splash of colour as I wait for the real Autumn colour to hit the benches.