These two hostas are starting to show for me. Both potted last year. I checked all the freebee ones Stephen gave me and they are all starting to emerge too. Time for more slug pellets I think!!

This little sea thrift is also coming to life. It even has a little flower emerging. Just plucked this out of a rock at the coast last Summer.


Stephen and Ian’s big Adventure

Well, not big, a few hours out driving around speculating where there might be trees to collect. I wanted to get a few snaps of some trees in a field near where I live before they came into leaf. This is them.

No trees but nice all the same.

I took Stephen to see some Blackthorn that were amazing but totally un-collectable. Deep deep rooted into stone. To even attempt to lift these would be a waste of time and a sin for ruining a beautiful tree. Some things are better left alone. It was blowing a gale at the time but Stephen was still amazed at the quality of these wee fellas. The bark was to die for. We collected a few dead branches to use as accents. The movement and character in them is amazing.


Bursting into flower

We then came across these Ivy’s among the rocks. Not deep rooted 🙂

The place was covered with them!

Removal of a few stones resulted in a few keepsakes. This is Stephen doing his impression of Father Jack. DRINK!! 🙂

Back at the bat cave…

This one held onto a rock

I’m hoping for these to put out some decent root and then I’ll air layer a few small bits off here and there. I have a wee Ivy air-layer and they take easily. We picked up a few nice stones for display as well. I’ll post more pics tomorrow.