Hawthorn Raft

Another one trimmed back today was my Hawthorn raft. It had put out quite a few extension shoots that needed curtailed before they thicken. I also had to rub off numerous adventurous buds popping in all the wrong places.

Multiple Maples

I lifted a few of my maples out of the greenhouse today for a closer look and to check a few bits of wire added during the Winter. Some had long shoots that were removed. This first one is the sick one I bought last year in order to save it. The roots were in shocking order and the trunk base rotting. Base now preserved and I think it’s putting out strong root now it’s in a nice free draining mix. It’s certainly putting out leaves!

Next up is the Chuhin Maple that everyone seems to love, me included. It has also responded really well to a better mix.

and lastly is my Stratford Trident Maple. I have decided to lift it out of the greenhouse now that the leaves have hardened off. I usually de-foliate this one 2-3 times in the year. As it was repotted, I’ll hold back this year and maybe go for 1-2 times.


Spent a few hours in the sun this afternoon tidying up around the garden and cutting grass. I decided enough was enough and got the camera and scissors out and trimmed back some very strong Spring foliage on my trees.

To keep this diary up to date I’ll split up the days work into a few posts. First up are a few accents. The first one is a weed, but a pretty weed.

Next up is one of my attempts at kusamono. It’s made up of hosta, dwarf aquilegia, dwarf Iris and a bit of mud rock. Most of the stuff is still emerging but the aquilegia is ahead of the game.


This is a tray of potted hostas that my mate Stephen gave me. About half of them are well on their way. The other half are just starting to poke their noses out. Three different varieties.