Another collection visit

I had the pleasure of visiting my friend Roy’s garden today along with Stephen. I have been meaning to get over to Roy’s Garden for a long time and it never seems to work out. I was therefore delighted today when the opportunity presented itself. My main aim was to get a few photos for the club website and have a good nosey around. Both achieved.

Here are a few general snaps of Roy’s back garden.

Here are some of Roy’s bonsai.

My favourite was this root over rock Trident. One side has a beautiful hollow in the stone to use to create a water pool but the roots are not as good. The other side has a more convincing root set up and the main pruning scar is hidden, but the rock isn’t as nice. Nice problems to have in my opinion. We discussed a different pot for next year.

I love this pot!

I’m hoping to get back in a weeks time to give Roy a hand with a few bonsai projects that need attention. If you’re reading this Roy, thanks for your time today mate.