Elm Recovery

It seems this Winter has taken it’s toll on Chinese Elms. I’ve spoken with quite a few people across the UK who have Elms that are dead or suffering. For many years people have been leaving their Chinese Elms out of doors during the mild Winters. This year they are finding out what a risk that can be. I have a few myself and they have been slower to open this year, even after being protected all Winter.

The elm below belongs to a club member who has been working hard on this tree for a number of years to remove faults and create ramification. He brought it to the meeting a few weeks back and there was absolutely no signs of budding. I offered to put it into my poly tunnel to see how it responded. After  nearly 2 weeks I couldn’t see any movement and feared the worst. Yesterday I gave it another look. After a few days of really warm weather I was pleased to see loads of little swelling buds. A small amount of fine ramification may have been lost but this can be replaced quickly.