Brilliant Blog

Check out this link to a blog by Peter Tea, a bonsai arist from California who is currently studying under Mr Junichiro Tanaka owner of Aichi-en Bonsai Nursery in Japan.

His latest post on the restyling of a red pine will show just how worthwhile it is to follow him on his journey of discovery in Japan.


Easter Walk in the Woods

My family and I went for our traditional egg throwing/rolling session in the local woods followed by a bit of a walk. The bluebells are just reaching their peak flowering and it was beautiful to see the blue carpet wherever you looked.

It’s mostly a Beech and Hazel wood and many of the Beech are well into the growing season.

This is the battle ground for the egg rolling where I regained the winners title this year 🙂

Tree roots criss cross all the paths and the ground actually feels and sounds hollow under foot in many places.

Flowers can be seen everywhere. Here’s our native Bluebell, not the Spanish one that seems to be taking over!!

Some of the Yellow Gorse/Whinbush flowers. The air was heady with the scent of coconut from these stunning flowers. Pity they are too problematic for bonsai.

Some of the Blackthorn were still holding onto their flowers.

One of my favourite photos of the day, an old Beech ringed with a patch of Bluebells. New Beech seedling can also be seen reaching for the light before the parents shade them out.

Ferns starting to emerge.

After a nice walk I just had to take a seat 🙂

Mariusz Pics

If you want to see more pics from our ‘muckers day out’, Mariusz has added some on his blog which can be viewed by clicking the image below.

Root over Rock X2

My 2 root over Rock Cotoneasters are  starting to flower. This first one is going to have the apex layered off next week. I would have already done it by now but I haven’t been able to get any sphagnum moss as yet!

My little one is one of my favourite trees at the moment. (that changes on a daily basis!!)