Cotoneaster Tweaking

Part of our day yesterday was was taken up by this Cotoneaster belonging to Stephen. When I was at his home the other day I said it could be a really nice tree with a little more work on the deadwood and and some wiring. We agreed at the time to give it a whirl the following day. Here is the tree on Monday at Stephens place.

It’s an urban yamadori tree and if memory serves me right, it was salvaged from a school grounds. A few ugly rots at the bottom need to be removed to reveal a better nebari underneath, This can’t be done in total just now. The deadwood at the top needed some work with a view to eventually joining it with the deadwood at the bottom left of the tree. Some adjustments to the foliage should also help pull the whole image together.

Here’s some of the work getting carried out.

This is the original front as the tree was potted but a view more from the left would show off the deadwood to better effect.