Close Up

A few trees in close up from European Bonsai San 2019


Trying to take a few photos around the trees yesterday and Maggie wasn’t happy until she’d done her cute posing routine!






Trident Maple


Japanese Larch





Colin Lewis Exhibit Critique

These always make for interesting viewing.

Higo Gayu Kai 2014

More stunning Shohin displays from the blog of Nekotoban, this time from Higo Gayu Kai 2014.

Tony’s Garden

Most of these have probably appeared on Facebook over the last week but I’ll share anyway. These where taken in Tony’s garden. It was great to see some of these trees in the flesh having only seen them in photos and websites over the years. It’s hard to not be impressed with the quality of the Yews in his collection but what most interested me was the quality of the ramification on the Hawthorn. Also nice to see some humble projects being worked on as well with rock plantings catching my eye. I only wish I’d seen it in Summer for a closer look at the accents, my other passion. Most were already in their Winter state. A few pots here as well that caught my eye.

Syohin Bonsai Kitakyusyu Branch Exhibition

Sharing these courtesy of Nekotoban Bonsai Days Blog which you should all be following if you are a lover of Shohin Bonsai. She has been doing the rounds of Shohin Exhibitions in Japan, many of which we rarely see here in the west. This is a great insight into display and quality at more local exhibitions in Japan.

Aussie Bonsai

My sister who lives in Australia knows what a bonsai nut I am, in fact it was her that bought me my first tree back in 1993. She made the effort to visit a local bonsai exhibition over in Perth and took some photos for me. I thought I’d share them here as well. A real mix of trees and I really like the idea of working on bougainvillea. A few very nice accents in there too, she’s obviously figured out from my blog that I’m addicted in that area too 🙂 The display was put on by Bonsai Workshop Inc, and was supported by a local business, The Bonsai Emporium.

Thanks sis.


Back on the Benches

Have got some of my trees back out on the benches. They have been tucked away here and there around the garden but it was time to enjoy the view again 🙂 Still a few spaces to be filled.





BSA Exhibition 2014 – A walk around Willowbog Bonsai

With all that was going on at the exhibition, is was easy to forget that just out the door was a bonsai nursery! We were blessed with some sunshine for part of each day and many folk took the chance to have a walk around and see the sale trees and Mr Greedy’s Collection. Here’s a few for you to see.


More From Higo gayu-kai 10th Aniveresery Exhibition

For more info on the winning display shown here, go to Bonsai Days Blog.