First Snow of Winter

Today saw me waking up to a light dusting of snow. Nice to see a cold snap for a few days, the trees could do with it, just let it be short lived. I took a few quick snaps before the thaw.

March Snow

Last night saw about two inches of snow fall at my house and then just as quickly disappear again. I took these towards the beginning .

My accents burried





The garage / Workshop, lights on and ready for repotting action 🙂 more on that tomorrow.






Snow in the Mournes

I jokingly added a post on April Fool’s Day about there being snow in my garden. Here we are a few days later and it has snowed in many places in the UK. We have been lucky here in Northern Ireland with snow only lying on high ground. I took this photo this morning with my mobile phone when I was working in Newcastle, County Down. White tops on the Mourne Mountains.

This is one taken in the North of England today. After high temperatures last week and spending a little time basking in the sun, we dropped back below zero!

I guess he got it wrong LOL

I guess Mr Madden got a White Christmas wrong but it’s hard to rule out his projections with his track record. He’s predicting a cold and windy January.

Eejits on Tour Part 3

The final instalment.

At one point on our day out, Phil took me to a river that he fishes on for Salmon. A beautiful spot. We lingered there longer than planned thanks to a show put on my 3 Dippers fighting over the same set of rocks. Must have been good fishing there 🙂

The water reminds me of a pint of Guinness getting poured. The colour comes from the peat in the area. The foam finishes it off 🙂

In the shot below you can see a branch that has been placed in the river as a perch for kingfishers. None on view today sadly.

What was sad to see was that some idiot was dumping into the river from the road side above! There was even the remains of a car in the pile. A strange pipe also drained into the river and nothing much wanted to grow below it 😦

Some nice beech trees along the riverside as well.

Some deadwood and a fallen Beech 🙂

We stopped for a Fish Supper on the way back at a lovely little Fish & Chip Shop beside a Harbour.

The fish was rather on the large size, but we both managed admirably.

That’s it! The day in photos that took 3 days to share with you. Hope you enjoyed viewing the images. You’ll have to wait for the yamadori photos 😉 but they’ll be on here in the Spring. I’ll leave you with a photo of a Heron winging it’s way along the coast.


I had a quick look through my trees on Sunday to see what moisture levels were like in the Tunnels. I noticed a few interesting and perhaps unseasonal things going on.

This Korean Hornbeam belonging to Mario is still in leaf and very fresh it looks too!

This recent growth on a Juniper, and it’s outside still!

and fresh shoots on a Sequoia

Flowering Cotoneaster!

I spotted this Cotoneaster had a few flowers opening, rather strange for December, but then, this has been a very strange year indeed!

Alfred Hitchcocks The Birds!!

Driving down a country road this week, I spotted a field full of crows. I don’t think I have ever seen so many in one place. Proper Black Crows in Ireland used to be quite a rare sight. You only ever saw small colonies up until about 15 years ago. Now…

A few trees on the same road.

A typical tree choked in ivy. The extra bulk from the ivy can cause trees like this to blow down in high winds due to the extra surface area. Most farmers will remove it from time to time. Note the sheep sheltering underneath.

Trident in December

This is my Trident pictured during the week. As you can see, it has been reluctant to drop its leaves. The few that are missing is more down to gale force winds than Autumn/Winter. This tree has been outside since March.

I usually defoliate this tree every year but next year I’m planning on a different technique to compare results. I’ll keep you posted.

Batten Down the Hatches

On Wednesday I took an hour and placed the remaining trees that require protection in the poly tunnels. Temperatures are to drop again at the weekend and the wind is getting to dangerous levels! I didn’t want to leave the tunnel door open any longer in case it took off!!!

Here’s the new tunnel. a little space left but I still want to have access to the trees at the back.

Door closed

The other tunnel.

A little space left here too but I have young Jamie from the club’s trees coming for a few months for protection.

I still have a few trees outside tucked under the bigger benches. Nothing that I’m worried about so, do your worst Winter 🙂