Eejits on Tour Part 3

The final instalment.

At one point on our day out, Phil took me to a river that he fishes on for Salmon. A beautiful spot. We lingered there longer than planned thanks to a show put on my 3 Dippers fighting over the same set of rocks. Must have been good fishing there 🙂

The water reminds me of a pint of Guinness getting poured. The colour comes from the peat in the area. The foam finishes it off 🙂

In the shot below you can see a branch that has been placed in the river as a perch for kingfishers. None on view today sadly.

What was sad to see was that some idiot was dumping into the river from the road side above! There was even the remains of a car in the pile. A strange pipe also drained into the river and nothing much wanted to grow below it 😦

Some nice beech trees along the riverside as well.

Some deadwood and a fallen Beech 🙂

We stopped for a Fish Supper on the way back at a lovely little Fish & Chip Shop beside a Harbour.

The fish was rather on the large size, but we both managed admirably.

That’s it! The day in photos that took 3 days to share with you. Hope you enjoyed viewing the images. You’ll have to wait for the yamadori photos 😉 but they’ll be on here in the Spring. I’ll leave you with a photo of a Heron winging it’s way along the coast.

4 comments on “Eejits on Tour Part 3

  1. great set of photos , dippers are nice little birds , we see them from time to time just passing through, herons regular during spring when plenty toads are here to eat
    fish supper looked good !!!


    • Fish Supper was amazing!!
      It was great just to sit and watch the dippers. They have some sort of membrane that they cover their eyes with so they can see under water. When it closes, it reflects the light and you can see them blinking 🙂 If you look at the first photo of the two Dippers, the one on the right has this membrane closed and it reflects the light in the photo. This can be seen with the naked eye while watching them.
      Pity we missed the Kingfisher.


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