First Snow of Winter

Today saw me waking up to a light dusting of snow. Nice to see a cold snap for a few days, the trees could do with it, just let it be short lived. I took a few quick snaps before the thaw.


Less that predicted but still enough to warrant getting a few snaps.






Most of the trees are tucked away in one place or other.



Happy Birthday ‘Newtowne in the Ardes’

The town where I live is 400 years old today. Well, that’s not specifically true, it was here before then but on the 25th March 1613 it received it’s Royal Charter from King James I.

ScreenHunter_10 Mar. 24 12.06

Click on image below if like me you are a history freak and want more information.ScreenHunter_09 Mar. 24 12.05

Yesterday myself and Stephen took a cold walk up Scrabo Hill overlooking the town. A strange walk as half of the hill was clear of snow and the other half was covered in deepish drifts. Here are the usual photos from the walk.

OK, Very Pretty, Now GO AWAY!!

You can’t fail to have noticed the white stuff everywhere this week. All very nice but I want to see the back of it before we travel over to Willowbog Bonsai on Friday.

I’ve been lucky here to be honest. At sea level we rarely get much and at no point has it been more than a few inches. Pop over the hill to Belfast and it’s a lot worse. Most countries that are used to snow seem to cope with it but the UK is hopeless, everything grinds to a halt.

I did snap a few shots just to record the dates here on the blog. Always interesting to record when we get the snow and what the weather has been like. I is meant to be a Bonsai Diary after all and the weather plays a big part in how our trees grow.

Empty benches

Even in the greenhouse!

Snow in the Mournes

I jokingly added a post on April Fool’s Day about there being snow in my garden. Here we are a few days later and it has snowed in many places in the UK. We have been lucky here in Northern Ireland with snow only lying on high ground. I took this photo this morning with my mobile phone when I was working in Newcastle, County Down. White tops on the Mourne Mountains.

This is one taken in the North of England today. After high temperatures last week and spending a little time basking in the sun, we dropped back below zero!

White Christmas?

Looks Like it!!

First Snow of the Winter

Last night saw the first snow to lie here where I live this Winter. It was only -2 °c last night but it’s only reaching about 5°c during the day.

This was my display area this morning. As you can see the snow was light and I only had one tree remaining on the bench, a stubborn Trident Maple that is refusing to drop leaves! This might make it’s mind up 🙂

Exacta Weather – Winter 2011/12 Forecast

Now you have watched this, you can’t say you weren’t warned 🙂 That’s why I’m adding another poly tunnel in the garden!!