Alfred Hitchcocks The Birds!!

Driving down a country road this week, I spotted a field full of crows. I don’t think I have ever seen so many in one place. Proper Black Crows in Ireland used to be quite a rare sight. You only ever saw small colonies up until about 15 years ago. Now…

A few trees on the same road.

A typical tree choked in ivy. The extra bulk from the ivy can cause trees like this to blow down in high winds due to the extra surface area. Most farmers will remove it from time to time. Note the sheep sheltering underneath.

8 comments on “Alfred Hitchcocks The Birds!!

  1. surely your crows will be rooks ??? which are commonly seen in numbers , an old birdwatchers identity guide is that 10 crows together will be rooks and one rook on its own will be a crow


      • at this time of year it is very common to see big flocks of both rooks and jackdaws together which might account for the smaller birds ? to tell the truth I dont think I have ever seen crows and rooks together,
        as the numbers of crows have increased in recent years, at least round here , we do see them in bigger flocks but 30 crows together is a big flock


  2. OK! Someone should now be posting images of all three species so that we plebs can see the difference for ourselves. I’ve just fired the starting pistol so the race is on Ian and Peter. That is if you want to run of course.


  3. Leaving the birding discussion aside (I don’t know rooks from crows, tho I’m sure my brother would,) a comment on the tree: the first few times I saw a tree like that in Ireland, I thought the outer branches were dead. Finally it dawned on me that, “it’s winter, dummy, the tree is dormant; the green is ivy!” Had to chuckle at myself.


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