Happy Christmas Everyone

Thanks for all your support this year. I’m now past the 900,000 hits on this blog. 

Have a great day tomorrow and may all your surprises be good ones!


Happy Christmas

Where has the year gone!!

I would like to wish all the followers of my blog a very Happy christmas. Your support and friendship means a lot.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas….

Some tree styling done this weekend. My son caught me in the act of my usual Christmas task. Anything in my my house to do with trees is my job 🙂



I guess he got it wrong LOL

I guess Mr Madden got a White Christmas wrong but it’s hard to rule out his projections with his track record. He’s predicting a cold and windy January.

Merry Christmas One and All

Merry Christmas to all those sad enough to be checking your emails, blogs, websites, forums etc on Christmas day, I’ll be on later 😀

This is the last tree that I styled. A formal upright. I can’t take all the credit as my 17 year old son did some of the initial branch placement. However, I did all the final tweaking.

Santa left me a strange present under the tree!

Have a great day everyone.

PS. I did this post yesterday and scheduled it for this morning, in case you think I’m totally blogging mad!! 🙂