Western Australia Coastal Images

Some of the most stunning scenery in this part of the world was along the coast. Stunning sunsets, blue seas, exciting wildlife, and of course trees, or more accurately, shrubs.

The following gallery shows some of the stunted trees surviving along the rocky coastal areas, many skeletal images after bush fires have had their way over the years. The beaches and rock formations are worth a mention. Some stunning white beaches, with rarely a human in sight and a wide range of rock types that must surely make Australia a suiseki paradise in the making.

The following pics are taken at places such as Elephant Rocks, Cape Leeuwin, Gnaraup Beach, Discovery bay, Windy Harbour and Torndirrup.



My son spotted this newly fledged Sparrow hawk on my greenhouse this afternoon. I crept forward to see how close I could get, with my camera in hand of course.





Wren Accent

Very life like don’t you think 🙂






On Patrol…

This little fellow makes his patrol of my poly tunnel on a regular basis. I’ve had frogs in there for the last 10 years.





Coal Tit Visitor

This little Coal Tit has become a regular visitor to my Living Room window where he is keen to find insects on the window frame. He announces himself with a tap tap with his beak 🙂 He perches on trees outside before launching himself toward the glass.






Buzz Off

Always a challenge to get one in flight especially with no tripod!



Sunday Soaking

After some last minute discussion Stephen and I decided to go ahead and have our Sunday walk today. Probably a wrong decision as it rained solid the whole time. I had decided to try and keep the camera in the bag out of the rain but as usual I saw a few things that made it worth lifting out.

This was the view over Belfast Lough, drizzle and misty at the same time.

I spotted this little coastal Cottage that looked like a throw back to years gone by. How it’s managed to survive tucked in between some mega mansions, I don’t know!

I then spotted a Grey Heron in the water along the coast. Normally a shy bird, this one seemed content to stand and watch us.

I sneaked a little closer and changed to a zoom lens and grabbed a few quick shots.

Stephen then let my dogs go and Smudge did a sterling job of chasing it off to a distant perch.

Some lovely coastal Wild Flowers in the rain. Sea Thrift is a favourite of mine for walks and as a accent plant.

Bluebells are out

Part of the World War 2 Defenses for German Bombers targeting Belfast docks. This gun commanded a great position from Grey’s Point overlooking Belfast Lough.

Maybe it was worth a walk in the rain anyway 🙂





When I was at Susan’s Home on Tuesday both her and her husband were telling me about a young hare that stays mostly in their garden, sometimes raiding the vegetable patch. Now, if you said it was a rabbit, it would be more believable, but a hare is well known as a shy animal and hard to get close too.

Well after about 45 minutes of standing talking about pots, this fella appeared in the vegetable patch. You can see how close I was able to get before he bolted for it. I have a spot spot for the Irish Hare. This is a young one with a lot of growing still before he reaches his majestic best.

Small Tortoiseshell

I’m amazed just how many of these Small Tortoiseshell butterflies are in my garden this year. Never seen so many.

Buddleia Visitors

Snapped these visitors to my buddleia the other day.

My two dogs made good use of a few hours of sun too.