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Western Australia Coastal Images

Some of the most stunning scenery in this part of the world was along the coast. Stunning sunsets, blue seas, exciting wildlife, and of course trees, or more accurately, shrubs.

The following gallery shows some of the stunted trees surviving along the rocky coastal areas, many skeletal images after bush fires have had their way over the years. The beaches and rock formations are worth a mention. Some stunning white beaches, with rarely a human in sight and a wide range of rock types that must surely make Australia a suiseki paradise in the making.

The following pics are taken at places such as Elephant Rocks, Cape Leeuwin, Gnaraup Beach, Discovery bay, Windy Harbour and Torndirrup.



These Sisyrinchium are fast becoming addictive! Here are 3 of the four that I have. The only missing one is the Yellow ‘Californium’. I’m on the hunt for more 🙂

E.K. Balls




Dragons Eye


Sisyrinchium 'EK Balls'

Sisyrinchium ‘EK Balls’

Deflowering a Pine

Sounds slightly perverted but I was really just removing the flower buds from the Japanese White that was covered with them this year. Needs to be done carefully but

better for the tree than it wasting it’s energy and creating a long extension that is of no use.




Getting Close

I see lots of people posting images online of their Hawthorn in flower. I haven’t long to wait either 🙂




Accent of the Day – Rhodohypoxis




In Close

A few close ups from around the trees and accents.

Woodland Flowers

From recent walk

Flower Show Extras

I took a few more shots at the Autumn Flower Show on Sunday, as the last set seems to be of interest to many of you, here are some more.

A general shot of the main marquee


Not much point trying to photograph all the trees as the clutter backdrop ruins the tree.

Plenty of cacti at the show, sadly some kid ran her nail down a prize winning one ruining it forever as far as competitive showing goes. Sometimes I wonder why we bother going to all this hassle to display here.

Almost tree like

Sunlight was catching these blooms just right through the window.

Mega veg

Floral arrangements

Even wine, everything was at this show.

This will be my entry for the Belfast Parks Photographic Competition next year 🙂

And in the grounds, the Rose Garden

An old Yew. I was admiring the nebari and took a photo, I think the Mum in the background thought I was taking photos of her kids climbing the tree!! I thought she was going to call the police.

They were just around the corner 🙂

Scot’s Pine

Satsuki Flowers

This is a satsuki azalea that I grew from a cutting. It was in my flower bed for about 6 years and was lifted last year. I just love the flowers, no idea of the variety. Any knowledgeable folk out there who know, please comment.

This is the trunk, early days but might be interesting in a few years.