Scenes from the very first Portland Bonsai Village Tour!

Josh’s Shohin Lonicera

I am still trying to get around to photographing Josh’s bonsai while they are with me . It’s just been so busy at work that blogging is having to take a back seat. I normally have posts scheduled ready to go but this last week has been hectic.

Anyway, here is one of Josh’s that I did take a few snaps of recently. Not great photos but they give the general idea of scale and quality.





Great post John

John Milton Bonsai

Just recently I was assigned this Tosho/needle juniper to trim and clean up.

This tree was originally bought by Oyakata’s grandfather and had very little foliage or branches. Oyakata said his grandfather bought it, his father grew it on and he styled it. So three generations in the making. Last year the tree became weak, most probably because the soil became too compact and the tree couldn’t get enough water. So the tree was re-potted this year to help regain vigor. If I could give one tip for keeping needle junipers it would be don’t treat them like a shimpaku. They love to be kept moist so, if you have a reasonably well-drained mix, keep on top of the watering. They are also weaker than other junipers and care needs to be taken in not overworking.
Needle juniper’s have a reputation of being pretty prickly but, on the pain scale…

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Walk Before the Storm

Had my usual Sunday walk with my friend Steven and the dogs this morning before the Storm hit. This afternoon brought heavy rain and a little flooding around the garden.

The walk was in Redburn Country Park in Belfast overlooking the harbour.

Hosta Progression






A few foliage , flower and fruit shots from the garden this week.


Yes please 🙂 Interesting post over on Xavier Site. Click to visit.

Fujikawa Kouka-en 2013 Vol 1 (DVD Promo)

Excellent 🙂

Blue Star Juniper

Salvaged this one from my front garden a few years back. Only one branch at the top was alive and it had a live vein that was only 2mm wide at one point.

It has a bit to go before it looks like much but I have enjoyed watching it pull though 🙂




Rose Show

Setting bonsai aside, I do like getting long to the Rose Show in Belfast each year. The rose gardens are amazing and it’s a really nice family atmosphere. I didn’t get to take many photos this year as I was late getting there to collect my trees from the exhibition. Here are a few of what I did manage to take.