Bonsai Ireland Munster Club

That’s Munster Club not Monster Club 🙂

Lyons Bonsai

Just an update on whats happening with the new club for Munster. We have the date set for Friday the 20th of September. The meetings will take place in Cork as that is the area with the most people interested so far. This could alternate in the future. The venue is still to be confirmed, but will be confirmed in the next two weeks. I have a list of people interested so far and myself and Piotr will be in contact over the next two weeks. If you are interested and would like to join or have a friend or family member which you think would be interested don’t hesitate to contact us. Below is a flyer which Piotr made while on holidays, dedication or what 🙂 These will be seen around Cork and surrounding areas. Anyway all the details are below to get in contact or you can contact…

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Accent of the Day – Hosta Lemon & Lime




Nashville Bonsai Society Regional Show

Felt the need to share a link to this one. This is a post from Owen Reich’s Bonsai Unearthed giving a full run down on Nashville’s Show.

Don’t be thinking, ‘Another Gallery Show Report’! This one holds much more in it’s reading.

I can draw so many parallels between this show and exhibiting bonsai here at home. Our own club show tries to set the standard for display here but we have so far still to go as regards stands, kusamono etc but we are going in the right direction.

Then you have the old Horticultural Shows with bonsai classes, were you are given a tiny space for numerous trees! Is it worth bothering, or do we seek every opportunity to reach the public? More on that in a forthcoming post.

I digress … just click the image below and enjoy Owen’s take on showing bonsai.

Sequoia Sempervirens

This is an update on my Sequoia Sempervirens or Coast Redwood. This was the tree back in 2011 when the initial work was carried out.

April 2011 before work

April 2011 After clear out and basic shaping.

And this was it earlier in the week. As you can see it has put on a little growth.



This is it after some further wiring, mostly primary branches and a few secondary.


I felt that the image was a little uninspiring and wanted to make a slightly more dynamic image, well, as dynamic as you can with this style! I opted to remove two of the lower branches to give the overall image more movement to the left.


It’s obviously still a little unkempt as no fine wiring  was done but the basic structure it there. I was reluctant to do much fine wiring as they seem to like to throw branches that are over handled.

I’ll try and give this tree a little more attention now over the next few years and get a balance of growth and refinement. A shari on the trunk would also help add interest, something to think about.

Any of the American followers who work with this species, I’d be delighted to hear your tips for care etc. It’s a rare sight here in the UK.