Accent of the Day – Allium

Anybody know the name of this Allium?




Mike’s Satsuki & Juniper

Waz Skeepin we me ole Mucker Mike tuther neet [Sorry, but Mike said I had to type the way he would actually say it, that’s wat he does 🙂 ]

ScreenHunter_43 Jul. 03 18.51

Great screen shot Mike lol, didn’t know I did that did you 😛

Enough of that, I was chatting to Mike on Skype the other night about his workshop weekend with Peter Warren and he was showing me some photos of his Root over Rock Satsuki which I rather like, As he’s such a decent bloke, he said I could share here. Also another little Satuki getting it’s first clear out and a Kishu Juniper as well.