Old yellow

Reblogging just because I love yellow pots 🙂

Nebari Bonsai

I’ve been half heartedly looking for a yellow pot to eventually use with my Chinese quince. Yellow pots are tricky, like green, they don’t photograph predictably true. They’re not very common, and new ones, with a few exceptions, look pretty loud until some patina develops and quiets them down a little.

This one has cloud feet, and is a well-aged yellow, 40-60 years of age. it is 29.3 cm × 23.7 cm × 7.9 cm. Since the glaze is applied to the sign and seal, it was not identified. Our Japanese Bonsai Pots friend took a look at it when he visited a few months ago and helped shed some more light on it. From what he could see, it is either Chinese, “Shu Hozan”, or Japanese by Amane Hiroshi.






Recently I saw this blue one for sale, and was struck by how closely the shape, size, and clay body…

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Accent of the Day – Allium

The last of my Allium to actually flower and this one is the smallest of them. Again, if anyone can ID the particular variety, I’d appreciate it.