Bonsai Event – Netherlands

I am always happy to promote shows, exhibitions, workshops, etc, here and this one even more so as it’s for Harry, my European scout/photographer 😉

Poster below with all the details, free entry and free workshops,  I wish I could get away to see some of these, maybe in a few years when things quieten down a bit 😉

Guest Appearance

I have always said here that if any of you are in the area on holiday, feel free to give me a shout and pop in for a visit and a chat. Well Nathaniel did just that. Born here in Belfast , and moved to Canada when he was ten, he was back to attend a wedding and catch up with family. As usual with these family holidays, time flies in and he just managed to squeeze in a quick trip to my place.

Nat is a big lover of the videos I post on Youtube and when he saw the club sign in my garage, he was keen to get a snap. He’s a recent addition to the Toronto Bonsai Society himself.



Checking out the benches.


Safe home mate, good to chat.

Garage Night

Tonight for my first garage night in ages. Haven’t been able to manage one with work of late. We had a great night playing with trees and chatting.

They actually all look busy, no chat at all!



Michael on his knees!


Ian hard at it


Shaz and the White Pine



Caleb at his first garage night, will he come back? Ben getting stuck in.




Final Bjorn Bjorholm Demo Video

Bjorn Bjorholm Demo Video Part 2


Bjorn Bjorholm Demo Video

Another ID Please

Yet another unknown one that appeared in a pot given to me. I thought I was being given the little saxifrage but this other spiked leaf succulent appeared and has now flowered.

Any ideas?

Mame Rowan

Autumn colours already appearing on this little Rowan.

Rooting into gravel tray, only way to keep these smaller ones healthy this year.

Walking with My Bro’s

A few snaps from my walk this morning with my two brothers. Thanks to Stephen for taking a few snaps for us. You count as a bro too 😉

Rowan full of berries with Scrabo Tower peeking out in the background

Tower view over Strangford Lough

The good the bad and the ugly, take your pick 🙂

Collection For Sale

The observant among you will have noticed a new page tab at the top of the page titled Collection For Sale. A friend has decided to get out of bonsai and is selling his collection of 26 trees, either singularly or multiple trees. If you are interested click on the image below or just just click the tab above for a full run down. No prices listed but offers welcome.