Contorted Hazel

This is a Contorted Hazel in my care at the moment for a friend who’s on Holiday. This is it’s first year in a pot having been field grown up until this point. Better in Winter or Spring with catkins, but an impressive bonsai of this variety.Best I’ve seen anyway.



Josh’s Deciduous Bonsai

I added this Video to my Youtube Channel a few days a go but thought I would also add the stills here as well.


Josh’s Deciduous Bonsai

Took a little video back on Saturday when Phil and Stephen were here. Here is some of Josh’s bonsai that I’m looking after at the moment.

Josh’s Shohin Lonicera

I am still trying to get around to photographing Josh’s bonsai while they are with me . It’s just been so busy at work that blogging is having to take a back seat. I normally have posts scheduled ready to go but this last week has been hectic.

Anyway, here is one of Josh’s that I did take a few snaps of recently. Not great photos but they give the general idea of scale and quality.




No More Room at the Inn

Every Summer I look after a collection of bonsai for a friend while he going on holiday to visit family in the South of England. This year saw him downsize to a smaller car which therefore added a few extra runs to his delivery trips to my place. A few of the trees were just too big for his car and I had to pop over and collect the remaining few from him. Some of the really big ones are staying at home under the care of his son who he trusts enough to look after them.

This has resulted in my benches being full to capacity, or even to a point well past that. As you will see in the gallery below, I have crammed my benches and this is only some of them as the rest are in another area. I hope to get time to photograph some of these properly before he returns and share them here with you.

Snart on Tour Stop 8

After a quick meal back at home, we both headed over to Josh’s Garden for the last stop on our Tour. I have a funny feeling that this was Peter’s favourite stop.

Josh has quite simply some of the best field grown bonsai in the UK. See for yourself.

Lonicera Forest

I’m looking after this one for a few weeks while Josh is away on holiday. It a Lonicera Forest collected many years ago from a hedge. Trunks are where they were in the hedge, nothing adjusted. I love the little bushes growing at the base of the trees, they add to the scale of the whole image. It’s a little pom-pom in places but it’s hard to do anything else with Lonicera on this scale. It breaks your heart with growth. Rather Josh than me 🙂

and with me for scale in case you thought it was shohin size!