Josh’s Shohin Lonicera

I am still trying to get around to photographing Josh’s bonsai while they are with me . It’s just been so busy at work that blogging is having to take a back seat. I normally have posts scheduled ready to go but this last week has been hectic.

Anyway, here is one of Josh’s that I did take a few snaps of recently. Not great photos but they give the general idea of scale and quality.




Lonicera Forest

I’m looking after this one for a few weeks while Josh is away on holiday. It a Lonicera Forest collected many years ago from a hedge. Trunks are where they were in the hedge, nothing adjusted. I love the little bushes growing at the base of the trees, they add to the scale of the whole image. It’s a little pom-pom in places but it’s hard to do anything else with Lonicera on this scale. It breaks your heart with growth. Rather Josh than me 🙂

and with me for scale in case you thought it was shohin size!