First styling!! A step in the right direction: chronicles of a bonsai show

What an action packed show!!

Melanie's dream's

I don’t know if any of you have ever organized a show: cat show, book show, bonsai show, or whatever else. Well, I have: a cat show a couple of years back and believe me, it’s not an easy task! Without getting into details about my experience as President of our cat club (Abyssinians Breed Club Europe), I would like to report my view of the Swiss Bonsai Show held in Lugano on 8-9 June, 2013.
As a visitor of the show, I must first and foremost say “hats off”! When someone like the Bonsai Club Ticino (a local bonsai club in Switzerland) puts up a show about bonsai, suiseki, kusamono and much more, as someone who’s been through this before, it is immediately clear to me the effort that every single person invested, the energy and nerves, the struggle to organize vendors, the eternal search for sponsors, the…

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Accent of the Day – Kusamono

A mixture of hosta, aqualegia, sisyrinchium and that yellow exploding seed pod one that I can’t remember the name of! Even a bit of mud rock in there too. I hope to create a lot more mixed planting for next year. Up until now I have tended to keep my accents to one variety per pot but I am loving the added interest in mixed plantings  or kusamono. At least I should have plenty to play with 😉


Splitting Up

No, not my marriage!! Never happen, just my hostas and other accents. After chatting to Ian up at Bali Hai and finding out that it’s fine to split hostas at this time of year, I have made the most of my new arrivals.