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Lone Wolf with Cub. How a Samurai became Bonsai

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Bali Hai Haul

As promised, this is the haul of plants that I got yesterday at Bali Hai Nursery. Mostly Hosta and Rhodohypoxis, but a few other oddities thrown in as well. You will notice one that is rather large for an accent, that’s going below my display bench, I just couldn’t resist the leaf colour.

Interesting comment that now is actually a good time to split hostas. Stephen and I always did this in Spring as growth emerges although that is seemingly a good time to trim the roots on hostas to keep them small leafed.


Accent of the Day – Bits and Bobs



Bali Hai

When you here the words Bali Hai some of you will automatically think of South Pacific 🙂

However, if you are into your Accent plants you should be thinking of this Bali Hai.

bali hai

I had the pleasure of visiting the nursery today along with the Bonsai Baker and his good lady wife.

The owner Ian Scroggy, always makes you welcome and we had plenty of time to look around the old Nursery and the new one too. It’s a bit of hosta overload but there is also a stack of other interesting and unusual plants there that can be adapted to accent use. Here are some photos that I snapped there today.

Got a rather nice haul of plants today. Will share these with you tomorrow. Red wine now open and calling 😉

A surprise visit from Ian Young

It’s good to talk 🙂

Beginner Bonsai



I had the pleasure of meeting Ian Young (Bonsai Eejit) today. Like most saturday mornings I was standing in work asking myself “Why am I standing in work?” when Ian came wondering up the steps. I’ve been talking to Ian through his blog ( so it was nice to finally meet him in person.

It was nice to find out a bit more about the Northern Ireland Bonsai Society and what they get up to throughout the year. I’m looking forward to getting involved when they meet again in September. At least that gives me a couple of months to get to grips with the basics so I don’t make an idiot of myself.

If you haven’t done so already, go and check out Ian’s blog for some inspiration and say hello to him. His enthusiasm for Bonsai is pretty infectious so I can understand why everyone…

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Accent of the Day – Alpine Strawberry




Accent of the Day – Sisyrinchium


Nice Astilbe on Japanese Blog

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Accent of the Day – Rush