Bertie’s Cascade Cotoneaster

When I was at Bertie’s house last week I spotted this little cascade Cotoneaster and thought that it could do with a repot. He had a suitable pot on the shelf, maybe not the perfect choice, but a big improvement on it’s current home. This is it before and after the repot.

It will be given a year to settle in, and if all’s well, it’ll get a restyling.

Ben’s Berberis Revisited

Friday saw Ben appear with his Berberis. It was repotted in February and has grown strongly since then.

Robert some how managed to get a pass out for the night, he was an unexpected but very welcome guest. I asked him to have a look at the Berberis with Ben and a short time later, with some light wiring, this was the result.

This was Ben’s choice of front but Robert pointed out a few more options. These are still achievable even though we stuck with the original front. This was another angle worth exploring. Some branches would be  moved but I must admit I like this option.

For a while it was a bit like, Paddy Scotsman, Paddy Englishman and Paddy Irishman started t style a tree 🙂

Out of interest, this was it in 2008

Where’s Bertie??

Had a couple of friends around last night. One, who I finally managed to catch up with earlier in the week was Bertie, a past club committee member and now current member again. Hadn’t seen him for years and it was great to catch up and talk trees. I tried to capture a photo of him but he is an expert camera dodger 🙂

He spotted me coming and turned his back! Phil giving him a hand thinning out a yew.

Here he ducked behind the yew for cover.

Nearly managed a clean shot here but Phil points out how many failed attempts I’ve had 🙂

This is as good as I got, good to see you Bertie 🙂

This is his Yew that was worked on before we started.

It was first styled as a demo tree by Kevin Willson way back in 1997. Here’s a few other angles and a look at the deadwood.

And after some work. Thinned out and a little basic wiring.

Majestic Scotties

It’s hard to beat a mature Scots Pine.

Great spot for a birds nest too 🙂

Belfast Skyline

Snapped these first two recently whist driving past. I’ll rephrase that! I snapped these whilst a passenger in a car driving past 🙂 They are the famous Harland and Wolff Cranes that can be seen in Belfast docks area , now called the Titanic Quarter. They were built in the late 60’s, early 70’s around the time I was born and are called Samson and Goliath.

They are truly massive erections 🙂

This photos shows both and gives you a better idea of scale.

Taiwanese Flower Market Video

Thought I would share this here. Not the usual sort of video I would share but I found it fascinating to see what’s on offer in a different country. A great explanation from the video taker about what he’s seeing helps too. The older lady must be a relative, either that or he’s being stalked through the market 🙂

Bet it Still Works Too.


I have a real love of wild birds, always have. My Dad was always pointing out birds when I was young and it has stuck with me.

I like watching them bounce around my trees beside the window were I sit at the computer.

Today I was typing away happily and all was as it should be on the benches. A few minutes later I spotted this.

My Orchid accent had been hauled out of the pot and scattered.  A quick look around the benches and I spotted the offender.

Stephen’s Hostas

Stephen took a drive up to Bali Hai Nursery today and brought back a box full of Hostas. Robert and I took a run down to his place for a look around the trees and see what Hostas he had come home with.

As usual Stephen had a cup of coffee in his hand 🙂

We had a good chat, looked around the trees and inspected his growing collection of hostas too.

Stephens new Hostas with labels to show variety names.

Stephen gave Robert this little carnivorous bog plant accent.

Some of Stephen’s existing hostas.

Some of Stephen’s bonsai