Boggy Scotties

Here some photos from our collecting trip today, well, actually it’s now yesterday. To knackered to type much about it. I’ll let the photos do the talking were I can.

You can see that these Scots Pines have been lifted from a bog. They are self seeded and when asking for permission to collect the farmer told me that they are all scheduled for destruction as they shouldn’t be there. We are happy to try and save them 🙂

First one of the day.

All trees are bagged and taped up to stop the roots drying out.

Nice bark on some if not all of the trees collected.

Trees rooted into the top 6 inches of sphagnum moss, no roots go any deeper. Trees can be dug out in a few minutes.

I wasn’t the only one snapping away.

A large but nice multi trunk.

Clipping out some dead bits.

Easy to dig out.

Bagged and taped up.

Phil, the heavy lifter 🙂

Stephen opts for a tiny one.

and another small one for Stephen, see the pattern here 🙂

We decided to leave this one!!

Scattered everywhere!

Too big for today but cut back for future lifting.


Another tall one but as it was closer to the car it came with us.

Lots of fine white tips to the roots.

Phil wondering why these new gloves don’t work very well. Finished lifting time to head home.

Back in the driveway.

Grit ready and waiting.

Pines in for the potting up session tomorrow, now today!

Phil doing more heavy lifting.

We managed to get the two biggest ones potted up before we finished for today.

More later, off to bed!   zzzzzz…..