Clean Up

As part of my concerns regarding the health of  my maples I emptied my maple greenhouse today and disinfected it from top to bottom.

I also renewed my accent and mame grit trays. I spent a little time splitting some of my pot bound accent plants and potting on some cork bark elm cuttings too. A productive afternoon and long over due!!

Ben Bonsai Ben

Yes, two Ben’s 🙂 Both were at my place last weekend and had a tree or two with them. Here’s what they brought.

First up Ben F. A Fuji Cherry

Ben’s Inherited Japanese Black Pine .

The first styling of his Japanese Larch

and Ben B’s trees. His Fuji before pruning.

and after

His Scots Pine, we gave it a little bud selection and removed some old needles. Ben plans to style this in a Peter Warren Workshop in October.