Where’s Bertie??

Had a couple of friends around last night. One, who I finally managed to catch up with earlier in the week was Bertie, a past club committee member and now current member again. Hadn’t seen him for years and it was great to catch up and talk trees. I tried to capture a photo of him but he is an expert camera dodger 🙂

He spotted me coming and turned his back! Phil giving him a hand thinning out a yew.

Here he ducked behind the yew for cover.

Nearly managed a clean shot here but Phil points out how many failed attempts I’ve had 🙂

This is as good as I got, good to see you Bertie 🙂

This is his Yew that was worked on before we started.

It was first styled as a demo tree by Kevin Willson way back in 1997. Here’s a few other angles and a look at the deadwood.

And after some work. Thinned out and a little basic wiring.

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