Bonsai Art of Japan Episode 25

As we have come to expect, here is another excellent video in the series, this one concentrates on the pruning of Japanese Maples.

Worth having a look around this Nursery in Korea, some fantastic Hornbeams.

Nichigo Bonsai

This is the final post about the Korean Bunjae Museum in Seoul (Part 1)(Part 2). The following photos are from the largest green house on the site which was mainly filled with the trees belonging to the owner of the Nursery.

There were literally thousands and thousands of bonsai inside the huge green house.

All the trees were sheltering out the winter under cover due to the low temperatures the area experiences. As a result the green house was quite cramped, In a strange way this was quite good as you really had to hunt around to look at all the tree.

Throughout the collection there were many trees that were a little unusual. Some of these unusual characteristics were due to the fact that they were collected trees and others were grown in ways I was un familiar with.

One such tree was this exposed root forest…

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More Accents

I’ve been splitting and potting up more accents. I wanted to make use of a few pots I got at the BSA exhibition.

This is a Lichen with red flowering trumpets in a Suteki pot.

Some Japanese Horsetail, also suteki pot.

and another suteki pot with an unknown plant, answers on a post card please 🙂

 All still to mature but I’ll keep you posted.