Never Make a Shohin This One

This is the first photos of a Zelkova that I’m starting to work on. Grown from a cutting!! Eight years in open ground resulted in this 25 foot tree being chopped down to the bottom branch. A very fast growing tree that actually got away on me for a while. It’s been in this tub for 2 years now and I feel it safe to do a little pruning. It also needs carving on the chop mark to make it more convincing. It was carved back a little last year to allow the wood to dry out and stop it producing 100’s of shoots around the wound.

Me for scale

The chop

A little pruning to stop the apex getting carried away again. Bottom branches will need many years to thicken to the right size.


If you haven’t already guessed, the snow in the last post is just an April Fools Day joke 🙂 However, I wouldn’t be surprised if it happened 😀

As I have people viewing this from 120 countries I think I better add a link explaining just exactly what April Fools Day is.

April Fools Day Explained

Snow in April!!

This weather is just unbelievable!!! After a great week of weather we got snow here last night!!!!