Siberian Elm Trim

Stephen’s Siberian Elm before and after a trim today.

DSC_0623 (2)

DSC_0624 (2)

Stephen’s Repotting

Stephen, Ben and Michael came to my home on Saturday to do a little repotting. I was doing a few trees of my own and it’s good to have company, advice and extra hands available.

Stephen brought two trees with him, an Alder, and a Korean Hornbeam.

Alder before



and after, what a difference a pot makes


and his Hornbeam before


And after, again, pots make a big difference!



Snart on Tour Stop 1

After a busy few days, Monday usually sees Peter head home, however this time we added an extra day for him to actually see a little of Northern Ireland.

Stop one was to pop into the Bonsai Bakers family bakery. Looks like a happy place to work and we managed to grab a few cream buns to go with our lunch. Now for Peter Jean, he’s on a strict diet while he’s here!

Even more coffee for Stephen!!

Hard at work

Nicole looking well 🙂

Stephen’s Hostas

Stephen took a drive up to Bali Hai Nursery today and brought back a box full of Hostas. Robert and I took a run down to his place for a look around the trees and see what Hostas he had come home with.

As usual Stephen had a cup of coffee in his hand 🙂

We had a good chat, looked around the trees and inspected his growing collection of hostas too.

Stephens new Hostas with labels to show variety names.

Stephen gave Robert this little carnivorous bog plant accent.

Some of Stephen’s existing hostas.

Some of Stephen’s bonsai

Stephen’s Raulii Repot

Stephen repotted his Raulii at my place yesterday. It was in a very shallow training pot and he brought along two pot options and we opted for the oval cream pot.

This was it before the start of the work. There was two possible fronts, this one with this nebari.

and this one which we finally opted for.

The root mass was shallow but was solid fine roots with no heavy stubs to be pruned. The previous owner had done a great job in the development.

Stephen taking a few record shots with his camera. Maybe he’ll actually get around to posting them on his own blog 😉

Washing out the roots to get rid of some old compacted garden soil.

an even bigger nebari is uncovered and was the reason for picking this as the front.

It’s new home.

The tree potted up.