Accent Man Cometh

I had a visit from Robert Porch, aka the Accent man a few days ago. Sadly I missed him at the house, but he did leave this crate of goodies.


This is the contents, only 3 of the 30 are named, so this is a bit of a quiz, if you recognises any of the varieties please let me know. There are a few Alliums, Saxafrage, hosta, rose etc in there.


Accent Package

This package hit the doorstep this week, a selection of accents courtesy of Robert Porch. It’s great to have friends who freely swap plants, my collections has swelled greatly in the few years that I have been really into accents and kusamono. Anyone else interested 😉


What impressed me was the clever way it was packaged, a cut down milk container taped closed at the top. Plants wrapped in paper and protected by the structure of the container. Cheap to post too.



Robert Porch @ NIBS Club Night

On Friday we had Robert Porch with us at our Club Night. His lighthearted approach was appreciated by the members, even those he literally dragged up to the front to help with the demo!

The main point made during the evening was that bonsai for everyone watching was a hobby and that we should be doing it for enjoyment. I think we can safely say that we enjoyed our night. As usual some photos.

John’s large Japanese Black Pine grown from seed gets a first styling.

Hugh’s big larch on display.

Small Larch getting styled by Robert

Stephen gets dragged up for his input 😉

Now it’s Graham’s turn

Ben’s Berberis Revisited

Friday saw Ben appear with his Berberis. It was repotted in February and has grown strongly since then.

Robert some how managed to get a pass out for the night, he was an unexpected but very welcome guest. I asked him to have a look at the Berberis with Ben and a short time later, with some light wiring, this was the result.

This was Ben’s choice of front but Robert pointed out a few more options. These are still achievable even though we stuck with the original front. This was another angle worth exploring. Some branches would be  moved but I must admit I like this option.

For a while it was a bit like, Paddy Scotsman, Paddy Englishman and Paddy Irishman started t style a tree 🙂

Out of interest, this was it in 2008