Sign Me Up

After some deliberation I have decided to miss out on the Noelanders Trophy next year. Just working out the cost and travel issues getting there from N Ireland was giving me a headache.

I have therefore opted to sign up for a workshop with Ryan Neil at Willowbog  Bonsai instead 🙂 That gives me 10 months to try and find something decent to work on!!! I feel rather excited at the prospect already.

35th Anniversary Flemish Bonsai Association Part 3

The final instalment of harry’s photos, these are from the Marc Noelanders Demonstration. The big Chamaecyparis isn’t the easiest looking demo tree but what Marc gets from it it truly amazing. I remember watching Marc demonstrate back in 1999 at the EBA in Birmingham with similar material. He really  does have a knack for getting the best out of a piece of raw material.