One of the best parts of having a blog is the great folk who you make contact with. A week or so ago I got chatting with Xavier from France who has his own blog [now upgraded to bonsai friends list to the right →] He liked the coltsfoot I had featured and we got to talking, anyway, one thing led to another and I received a parcel yesterday from Xavier containing a selection of Hostas and Rhodohypoxis 🙂 Another parcel is winging it’s way to France with some Coltsfoot and other oddities. This is what Bonsai is all about, or in this case, kusamono 🙂

To visit Xaviers Website click on the image link below. Google translate works very well from French to English.

Pleione Orchid Accent

This Pleione Orchid is emerging and will flower in the next few days. Short lived flower but worth it.

The Latest Bonsai Art of Japan Video

It has it all, Kokufu, loads of trees, interviews, YMCA and Peter Warren in a tie!!