Winter Protection

I managed to get a little time yesterday to pull together 4 videos from our clubs ‘Bonsai School’, back at the beginning of October. Peter Snart of Willowbog Bonsai fame gave us a good hour of information about planning for the expected bad Winter forecasted for the UK. It turned into a bit of a discussion on a few occasions but this adds to the sharing. I have embedded the videos below but you might want to watch them on Youtube for the bigger screen. Although seeing Peter on a larger format in HD might not be your wisest decision 😉

You can watch these at your leisure. If you find them of use, make sure you give them a thumbs up!

Uncovered Roots

The birds where at their work again! This time they striped the moss off this juniper that I had repotted in the Spring. I was amazed to see just how many roots were showing underneath. This is normally a slowish tree to establish roots.

A Few Others From Yesterday

Some from my very wet and windswept benches.

Wild, Wet, Windy…

And I still braved the elements to take a few photos today!

I watched this Japanese Maple get striped by the wind over the last 24 hours. This is all that’s left.

A few of the leaves showing the range of colour. This one had green, yellow, orange, red and perhaps a little purple!

A few others.

Fuji Cherry in 2011

My Fuji in 2011








Ballyholme to Orlock Return

This mornings walk was from Ballyholme in Bangor to Orlock Point and back again. It started to rain at the half way mark 😦

Not much in the way of inspirational trees to see but a beautiful place to take a walk. Here are some of the views on route.

Hooded Crow takes off just as I get the camera up!!Sycamore with a windswept look. Thatched roof behind.

Stenna Ferry heading out of Belfast Lough

Apex adjustment On Cotoneaster

This is the root over rock Cotoneaster that I air layered the apex off during the year.

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Air Layer Removals

I was putting it away for the Winter and gave the apex a final adjustment before I did. The new apex was a side branch that I’ve brought up using wire and a guy line. I have been doing this in stages during the year as it seemed prone to crack if it was done in one step.

I am looking forward to developing a new apex on this tree next year. By doing this I feel that I’m making my own mark/improvement on the tree after the hard work of the previous owner.

Is that Autumn Colour at Last?

This Shohin Maple is finally starting to show a little Autumn Colour. The colour last year was fantastic and I’m hoping for a repeat performance. If this wind keeps up, I’m going to loose leaves before they even get a chance to change!




On October 29th last year.

Away for the Winter

I lifted a few of my trees away from their stands today. They had finished their show for the year and are now being tucked away for the Winter.

This Fuji Cherry was nearly bare.

It is totally bare now 🙂

I’m going to look up a few of the photos from this tree during the year and do a season by season  post. Should be nice seeing the flowers fruit and Autumn colour all on one page.

This Crab Apple has also dropped all it’s leaves. I took the wire off before putting it away for Winter. All branches seem to have set from it’s wiring in the Spring.

More Bonsai Videos from Youtube

We are getting rather spoilt with quality You Tube offerings these days, here are two more.

Number 15 in the series from Bonsai Art in Japan. Parts 1&2 showing you trees for sale within the nursery. I wish 🙂

And this one shows an absolutely stunning Spruce.