Fuji Flowering

I missed the peak by a few days, but not too bad ever when it’s past its best.


Fuji Cherry

I repotted this fuji Cherry last week. I wasn’t happy with the lack of growth last year and wanted a look at what was going on with the roots. I also wanted to us the current pot for another tree. It is showing signs of flowering and I wanted to act now as it leafs out before the flowers finish.





Root growth had been poor in the 3 years that it’s been in this pot. I changed the mix and transferred it into a different pot.


A bit of TLC this year and nurture this one along I think. This was it a few years ago in Flower.

And a link to other seasonal photos of this tree.

Fuji Cherry

My Fuji Cherry is on the verge of flowering.


Funny how being busy at work you miss the little changes in the colour. I spotted a flash of red on the bench this morning and when I returned from work I grabbed the camera.

Brian’s Fuji

My Spirea


Fuji Autumn Colour

Very disappointed with this Fuji Cherry this year growth wise, but at least it had the common decency to provide a little colour.

Autumn Approaches

Autumn is approaching rapidly for a few trees here. A few larch are showing a tint of yellow. A few Hawthorn have already dropped all the Spring leaves and are sitting with only late extension growth.

My biggest disappointment this year has been this Fuji Cherry. It is showing Autumn colour now and hasn’t  extended even a single shoot this year!  It feels like a wasted year. I experimented with defoliation last year and although it responded well with a new flush in Summer 2011, I think this may have resulted in it sulking this year. Lesson learned. Maybe it wasn’t a total waste after all.


Ben Bonsai Ben

Yes, two Ben’s 🙂 Both were at my place last weekend and had a tree or two with them. Here’s what they brought.

First up Ben F. A Fuji Cherry

Ben’s Inherited Japanese Black Pine .

The first styling of his Japanese Larch

and Ben B’s trees. His Fuji before pruning.

and after

His Scots Pine, we gave it a little bud selection and removed some old needles. Ben plans to style this in a Peter Warren Workshop in October.

Heads in the Sun

A few Trees in the Sun. I usually take photos in the garage but sometimes it nice to get a little natural light on the  tree.

Japanese Larch

Shohin Hawthorn

Another Hawthorn

Fuji Cherry Finished Flowering

Fuji Flowers

Grabbed a few photos of my Fuji Cherry today. Had to be today as this year sees it pushing leaves after the flower very quickly. It’ll need a trim after flowering but the vigour this year seems to be even stronger than previous years.

Fuji First Flowers

I took these photos back on Friday when I noticed that my Fuji Cherry, tucked away in the Tunnel, was starting to flower.