Nichigo Bonsai Blog

Just added another blog to my favourites list.

Nichigo Bonsai is Joe’s Australian Bonsai Blog and has some great posts about Japanese Black Pine. Also nice to see recent photographs of Spring! Gives me something to look forward to as we plunge into this Winter.

As usual, click on the image below to pay Joe a visit.

Stolen Tree Ft Myers Florida

I know I’m UK based but my stats for this blog tell me I have a number of viewers in Florida. Therefore I thought I’d do my little bit to publicise this theft. This was posted on the IBC Forum  Some @r$ehole just walked into a show and lifted the front door display tree and walked out, bold as you like!

This is the tree/s a group of Brazilian Raintrees.

Caught on CCTV but as usual, it’s poor quality.

This is a link to a local news story about the theft that has more details and who to contact if you spot the tree. NEWS-PRESS.COM

If they catch the guy they should stick those big spines from a Brazilian Raintree under his fingernails!!

More Autumn Colour

Just an update on some of the colour creeping into my trees.

Fuji Cherry


Japanese Maple

Crab Apple


This Trident is still intent in growing never mind Autumn colour.