Air Layerings

This afternoon I did a few air layers. One to improve a tree, one to increase stock and one just for the hell of it to see if it works.

I started off on my root over rock Cotoneaster. The apex of the tree is contrived with a very obvious man made bend. I plan to bring up a lower branch to create a new apex and change the front slightly. As it’s an unusual variety of Cotoneaster I decided to layer off the apex to create a little Mame version. I may even put it on a rock too. Here’s the photos.

Tree before I started, slightly over grown.

Apex to be removed, a bit of an 'S' bend

Two branches removed to allow space for layer.

Bark stripped and ready for moss

Narrow roll of Cling Film used to hold moss in place

Layer in place

I then added a layer to a Crab Apple that I bought in a garden Centre sale for £5. I hope to get 3-4 off this one over the next few years. No photos of that one.

Finally I added a layer to an Oak that was field grown but is relatively poor material as it stands. I hope to do one this year and another next year, finally leaving the straight trunk with decent nebari. This will be planted in the ground and used to create a broom style tree. Here’s a few pics.

4 comments on “Air Layerings

    • It’s black pond liner. Keeps it dark to encourage roots and can also attract the heat of the sun. It can be removed to allow viewing of roots in the cling film. Also insulates the roots if kept on over Winter. Some people do this, some don’t bother. Neither is right or wrong.


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