Uncovered Roots

The birds where at their work again! This time they striped the moss off this juniper that I had repotted in the Spring. I was amazed to see just how many roots were showing underneath. This is normally a slowish tree to establish roots.

Late Root Growth

I’m noticing a lot of strong late root growth in my trees this year, especially in my Japanese Maples. Roots are appearing out of the soil surface and these are mostly trees that have been repotted this year!

and on my escallonia too.

Root Much!

This is a little Cork bark Elm that I’m holding for Willowbog Bonsai with a view to slipping it into my shohin collection. I’m going to hold it to ransom until Peter offeres me discount 😉

I lifted it up today as I was shuffling a few trees around. This was what I found trying to root into grit underneath. I had lifted the tree about 2 weeks ago and no root was present. A lot of trees putting on late root growth, or maybe this is normal?

Strength 2 Strength

I checked this Japanese Maple today for black fly. None to be found but everyone else’s maples seem to have them. I had done a major repot on this tree back in the Winter. It was very weak last year and the branch structure was very poor due to a few bits dying back. As you can see it’s responded well.

I moved a few of the little accent pots I had sitting on the soil surface, right in at the corners and this is what I found.

It has responded that well to the repotting that it has produced new roots right out into each corner and was even trying to put roots into the accent pot! It is just loving that open mix of SC Pink and grit. Not fine stuff either as you can see.