Larch Pot

One of the trees I looked at in Stephens garden the other day was this lovely little Japanese Larch.

We have discussed a different pot for this for years. It’s hard to source pots over here and we chatted about what might be suitable. We even measured what we thought might be a good size. A semi cascade pot about 6 inches square and 5 inches deep.

It dawned on us that another tree in the same garden was in a pot that might fit the bill. This pot had a Hawthorn in it. It’s a little fussy for the Larch with the band on the pot but not too far off the mark.

I did a virtual. A bit messy but enough to get a feel for the look of the pot tree combo.

The cascading branch can be adjusted and extended slightly to fit the new look.

The only problem for Stephen is that that the pot doesn’t belong to him 😀 It’s a loner he borrowed off Phil. Let the negotiations begin 😀

Stephen’s Garden Colour

I was down at Stephen’s place for a few hours yesterday and took a few snaps of his Autumn colour.