Autumn Sunshine

After a week of nearly constant rain, the gruesome foursome took their normal Sunday morning walk. After a quick check out the window I donned a warm jacket only to shed it after 20 minutes in the warm sunshine.

The brothers grim 🙂 I know you check this Sam, and it would be remiss of me not to follow on from the Gorrillas in the mist dig from the last walk 🙂

Extra light hitting the forest floor now that leaf drop is well under way.

A Larch on the Autumn turn.

Peeking out over County Down.

Every time a walk past this cottage in the country, I want to move in! Wonder if the back garden is big enough for my bonsai collection 🙂

New 360’s

I did a few new Bonsai 360’s yesterday. I can’t embed them here as it’s a free wordpress account 😦 However, you can click on this link and pop over to the NIBS Site and view them there. Just click below to view.