Flag Counter

Some of you may have noticed that I added the flag counter widget to the blog. I spotted it on the Bonsai Ireland Site a week ago and thought it looked like fun. Clicking on the widget gives you further details on the countries that have visited.

I’m amazed that I’m showing over 40 countries and I’m even up to 20 of the 51 states in America as well. As expected, English speaking countries feature highly, obviously the UK is the highest. Portugal is way up there too, but that’s due to Rodrigo’s Kintall Bonsai blog link. Cheers mate 🙂 Strangely, I have only one hit from the Republic of Ireland! I’ve had twice as many hits from Bangladesh,Go figure?!

It’s all a bit of fun, it’s free and adds an extra bit of enjoyment to blogging.

EBA 2011

I have been wading through the internet trying to find the best and most complete set of photographs from the EBA 2011 Exhibition in Germany. After finding bits here and bits there, I should have known that Water Pall would have a fully comprehensive set of Photographs. To see all the trees, all the demos, even the trade stands, click on the image below.

I was told by Peter Warren to look out for a Potentilla in the exhibition.  When I saw the cascade one I fell in love. Then, on seeing Walters Photos I saw the other one and was blown away!! A really nice cascade Juniper in there too.

Bonsai Thief caught !

They got the ‘Bar Steward’ 🙂 Click on the Image to read the whole story of how they caught the Bonsai Bandit 🙂