Ballyholme to Orlock Return

This mornings walk was from Ballyholme in Bangor to Orlock Point and back again. It started to rain at the half way mark 😦

Not much in the way of inspirational trees to see but a beautiful place to take a walk. Here are some of the views on route.

Hooded Crow takes off just as I get the camera up!!Sycamore with a windswept look. Thatched roof behind.

Stenna Ferry heading out of Belfast Lough

Apex adjustment On Cotoneaster

This is the root over rock Cotoneaster that I air layered the apex off during the year.

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I was putting it away for the Winter and gave the apex a final adjustment before I did. The new apex was a side branch that I’ve brought up using wire and a guy line. I have been doing this in stages during the year as it seemed prone to crack if it was done in one step.

I am looking forward to developing a new apex on this tree next year. By doing this I feel that I’m making my own mark/improvement on the tree after the hard work of the previous owner.