Is that Autumn Colour at Last?

This Shohin Maple is finally starting to show a little Autumn Colour. The colour last year was fantastic and I’m hoping for a repeat performance. If this wind keeps up, I’m going to loose leaves before they even get a chance to change!




On October 29th last year.

Away for the Winter

I lifted a few of my trees away from their stands today. They had finished their show for the year and are now being tucked away for the Winter.

This Fuji Cherry was nearly bare.

It is totally bare now 🙂

I’m going to look up a few of the photos from this tree during the year and do a season by season  post. Should be nice seeing the flowers fruit and Autumn colour all on one page.

This Crab Apple has also dropped all it’s leaves. I took the wire off before putting it away for Winter. All branches seem to have set from it’s wiring in the Spring.