Crab Apple Flower Buds

I noticed yesterday that this crab apple was flowering again this year. I waited 15 years for it to get it’s act together and was on the verge of giving it away (who would pay for a apple that doesn’t flower?) when it flowered in 2009. No fruit set that year. In 2010 it had more flowers and it held fruit. Lovely little pea size apples.  This year it is covered in flower buds. I even put it in a better pot and restyled it over the Winter. Be good to me and I’ll be good to you 🙂

This was it back in January before repotting but after wiring. I can’t find a photo of it in the new pot, you’ll have to wait 🙂

Shohin Off

I was all set to attend the BSA ‘Shohin Off’ Event held last weekend at Willowbog Bonsai but my personal circumstances changed and I was unable to get over. I have had to make do with watching others posting photos of the bonsai on different forums. To show you just how good a weekend I missed, I have added some of the photos here for  your enjoyment. I was talking with Peter who said the weekend was a great success and plans are now a foot for next years exhibition. I’m giving serious thought to taking a few of our trees over for a small display.

Bonsai School Videos

I spent most of yesterday watching through footage recorded at our clubs recent Bonsai School with Willowbog Bonsai. It was hard to do any real editing as Peter was in full flow and, to cut out little segments here and there, would have made a mess of the whole thing. Therefore, I have put together 4 videos showing extracts of Peters talk and demo. I have added the first two here for you to view. The other ones will be added later in the week. I haven’t even looked at the footage from the workshop yet!!