Larch Check-up

This Japanese Larch is slightly further on that any others in my Garden. I had spent a bit of time working on the branch structure last month. Today I gave it a look again as some buds don’t always grow the way you expect on a Larch.

Here’s the first pad on the left. I just love this time with Larch. All those little green shaving brushes.

If you look at this pad, some of the buds are opening facing downward under the pad. Unless this is a bare area within the pad where you can let it extend and then wire into the space, it’s better to remove these now.

By removing them, you clean up the image with nice clean lines under the pad.  Here’s the pad with the two offender removed.

As needles grow and extend during the year the underside of the pads can become very tatty and by plucking any downward facing needles before exhibition you can greatly improve the Silhouette of the tree.

Note to self, keep a close eye on this tree, the wire will need checked again shortly. I hate taking wire off, nearly as much as putting it on 🙂





Macro in the sun

I couldn’t resist getting the camera out this morning in what can only be described as a magnificent day of sunshine.

I’m still learning my way around my DSLR and I’m taking every chance to play with it, as my FlickR account will show 🙂

Here’s today’s Macro offerings. First up is a succulent accent in flower.

Absolutely nothing to do with bonsai but these cacti show beautiful shape and form.

A moss Forest Planting.

This mornings dew on moss seed heads.











Just for Martin

I seem to have some sort of fascination with this Coltsfoot Accent. This will be my 3rd post picturing it as it continues to flower. At least Martin on the last post about it asked for more, so that’s my excuse 🙂

Two more flowers to open on this one but I reckon the first few will have died by then.

Third Instalment

This is the third instalment of the Bonsai School Series from the NIBS.