Another purchase

This little Cork bark Elm was another purchase this weekend. I have cork bark elms coming out of my ears and really didn’t need another but this little one caught my eye. I got it from Willowbog Bonsai who were here doing a bonsai school and workshop on Saturday and Sunday for the Northern Ireland Bonsai Society. As it was at my house I was able to have a look through the trees on the Friday night. I was unable to attend the school on the Saturday so I had to make a few quick decisions or I would have missed out. It was very reasonably priced but was a risk as it was covered with moss. There could easily have been very bad inverse taper hidden in there, but on the other hand, there might be a wee belter for a bargain. Here’s the tree as bought.

Here’s a close up of the offending moss.

After much picking I managed to remove the moss and found a rather nice little tree. It has a little inverse aper from certain angles, but that’s more to do with the cork bark plates. I was able to pick up a nice little Walsall Ceramic pot from Willowbog as well and this is the tree a few hours later.

There a rather nice root spread in there that with a little work will widen the base in years to come.

I’m trying to grow my Shohin collection this year and I’m off to a good start.


This is my new Shohin Potentilla Fruticosa. I sometimes uset a tree to mark an occasion or to remember someone by. I have named this one ‘Issy’ to remember Isabel, my mother-in-law, who passed away after a long illness on Wednesday. She loved flowers and would appreciate this little one when it’s covered in yellow flowers in a few months time. My last conversation with here was about her snow drops flowering at her front door. I was able to show them to her on the camera. A special moment forever remembered.


You Tubeing

I like to browse through all the bonsai clips on Youtube and hunt out the good ones. Let’s face it, most are crap!

To help everyone else save time, I plan to link a few of the better ones on here. Here’s the first.

Calling All Bonsai Bloggers

I have decided to change my Links tab to allow me to list some of the bonsai blogs that I follow. It was these blogs that made me decide to start my own.

I have added 3 link catagories:

Bonsai Bloggers

I’m happy to add anyone to the bloggers list, it’s all about spreading the word. I have loads to add here, but I’ll be spreading them out over the next few weeks.

Clubs & Societies

I’ll only add Club and Society sites that are active and worth the look. So many club sites are static and you can find them easily enough anywhere on the web. I want to list those worth checking into on a regular basis. If you know of any like this, I’ll be happy to add them here.

Bonsai Dealers

This isn’t going to be an exhaustive list of bonsai dealers. It’ll be ones that I have dealt with and am happy to give a wee plug too.

Cork Bark Elm Forest

I’ve just added the photos showing the creation of this Cork Bark Elm Forest. This was done by my fellow bonsai eejit Phil and I back on 26th January.

Just click on the forest to see how it was created.

360 bonsai

I’ve added a tab for my 360 bonsai above. These are Flash images showing the trees on a full 360 degree turntable, warts and all.

As free wordpress pages don’t let you add flash images, I’ve had to link to them on another site, but they’re still my trees.

Id be happy to produce these for others if they supply me with 62 photos of their own tree taken incrementally on a turntable.

Just added…

I’ve just added another page under case studies. This time it’s an air-layering on a hawthorn carried out last year. More work is planned this Spring so I thought I would put it on now and update as we go along. Just click on the image below to read the full story.

Tree Spotting!

Im turning into a real tree spotter on my Sunday walks. Today saw me in a local woods eyeing up some Beech and Scots Pine.

It is always good to remind yourself how nature does it, afterall, that’s what we are trying to emulate, isn’t it?

I just love the bare trees. Plenty of little ones growing at the base.

Always on the look out for good nebari

A strange carbuncle on a Silver Birch - dog for scale

Scot's Pine branch Showing layers of foliage.

Strange Shari, Natural? I think not 🙂


Thinning out the garage

Today I spent some time thinning out the rubbish in my garage in preparation of a bonsai school and workshop I’m hosting next weekend for my club. I managed to talk my next door neighbour into letting me put all my crap in his garage for a week 🙂

Here’s the set up now. All I need is about 20 more chairs!

If you want to know more about the Bonsai School, here’s a link.


New Case Study added

I’ve just added a new case study to the site. It shows the progression of a Yamadori Scot’s Pine from 1998 to now. Click on the image of the tre below to have a look.